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I think that I should state that the thoughts that I share in this section are not about thin men with Gynecomastia or fat men who just have some accumulated fat on their chests and do not truly have Gynecomastia.

When did it start?

My breasts started growing in the third grade, I can remember from the part of the school that I was in when someone bumped into me and notice my soft chest. The process continued through my teenage years  and also in my adult years when my Thyroid and Pituitary Gland hormone levels started to fluctuate.

How did it make me feel

Even at a young age it was very disturbing to me. This is before we knew anything about the condition called Gyynecomastia. Doctors just attributed it to my being overweight. When my older brother was in high school he was told that the cookie sized enlargement on his chest was something called Gynecomastia and he had corrective surgery. 

Being a fat boy Doctors never considered my breasts anything but fat, but by High School because of my breast size, shape and density my Doctor had to add Gynecomastia onto my medical records. Still I was not a candidate for surgery because I was fat.

As a fat teenage boy with no source of support like NAAFA or other Fat Acceptance sources having very large breast really messed with my head. I even began to visit crossdressing and transsexual forums because they at least accepted a man with breasts. I realized that I was straight man with breasts, but I still hung out in those communities because that as all that was available.

A Therapist named Merle Yost  created a website about his own experiences with Gynecomastia and a forum community that helped a lot. Still as a fat man I was on the fringe of this community.

Fat Admiration Web Areas focusing on Straight Fat Men started to appear and the topic of Moobs became more common. Between Fat Admiration and Fat Acceptance I have found some peace.

Still I would recommend that Parents study up on the condition and carefully approach their son on this subject.

I still feel like a outsider in Fat Acceptance. Fat women in Fat Acceptance are automatically considered curvy and feminine even if they are lacking in many areas. At the same time the softness that fat men can have is automatically associated with femininity by Fat Acceptance, in some ways Fat Acceptance is still like a fetish.



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