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Fat Acceptance is a work in progress always changing and I think that is a great attribute.

There are people in Fat Acceptance who have a large reading audience who are preaching intersectionality in Fat Acceptance and I hope this continues. There are all types of Fat People (not just fat women) and Fat Acceptance needs to make sure that that each group's experiences and history are told by them and not by white-cis-women who are the majority in Fat Acceptance. I feel that it is important that experiences of Fat Men get included and that those experiences truly come from Fat Men.

I know that being a fat person can cause wide variations in the the way weight is carried on peoples bodies. Both Fat men and women can have huge bellies or just be big all over. Fat women can have fat bodies with combinations of any of the standard body types attributed to women. 

Unfortunately not all fat bodies are not supported equally by Fat Acceptance. Super fat people of both genders are under represented/supported. Fat men in general are not mentioned much in Fat Acceptance and most often are only mentioned in comments about how they benefit from Male Privilege rather than providing any support to them. Fat women are always described as curvy and sexy even though there are fat women who do not fit these molds. Many fat women are also "left in the cold" by this mindset.


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