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Dixon David
48 years old


About Me

I love my family.  being a pastor, playing guitar, cheering for Notre Dame and living life to the full!

william banks
58 years old

51 years old


53 years old
About Me

I am 48 years old. BA in Sociology /Psychology. Enrolled in Masters for Psych Counseling (Marriage and Family). Classes currently on hold due to my illness. Training a therapy dog to visit hospital and nursing home patients just to see the joy on their face :0)

Jeanne Cendrowski
About Me

I am a single woman who for a greater part of my life have only existed.  After having a very bad bout with depression last year and seeking out the help both therapy and chemical I have found myself.  

I have always enjoyed reading some of the notes that William posted on the sizewise groups.  I wanted to come to a place where I can continue my discovery.  If I were to name my life up until a few months ago it would be the Could'v, Should'v, Would'v.  My current goal name is anything goes.


Thanks for accepting my membership. 



68 years old
About Me

steven thomas wesley
49 years old

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About Me

No Image at this stage I am normal weight person and my breast developed at puberty.

Years later I have them and drs say you have a problem and as I am new here I am wary of saying what it is right now.

About Me

hello just me here , in all my glory.

56 years old

71 years old

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